Webinars are remote, web based seminars that can consist of many different elements. We can provide some or all of the content for a course, facilitate a session, provide the hosting platform, provide expertise on specific subject areas where required, or do all of these things.

We view webinars as complementing instructor-led training and E-Learning, or bridging a gap between the different delivery methods.

Webinars are very popular as they don’t require your team to all convene in one place at a particular time on the same day – making them a very cost-effective delivery method. We can run live seminars as and when you require them – which can span times zones to suit the availability of your teams. They are a great way of communicating information quickly and to a large audience. If new details become available, we can integrate these at short notice.

CoverTel can deliver the material and facilitate the webinar sessions alone, or we can involve your Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) for sections, making webinars an effective use of everybody’s time and saving money as a result.