CoverTel helps clients to cost-effectively reach their remote and multi-site employees with engaging mobile and web-based learning and communication tools.

M-Learning as it’s now known, provides content to the Android & Apple device via a dashboard that allows for training, quizzes, video’s, polls and a multitude of other content to be delivered and tracked.

The advantages of mobile learning are many.

From a strategic perspective:

  • Overcomes the barriers of distance and time
  • Can be targeted to individuals, groups or vast communities
  • Provides accountability through tracking
  • Delivers immediate access to business critical content

From a tactical perspective:

  • Improves performance by delivering easily accessible just in time support
  • Gives the user the ability to learn (offline) at a time that suits them
  • Reinforces best practice with reminders and scenario based challenges
  • Develops inter-company business communications
  • Connects remote users with social forums, polls and media sharing
  • Encourages learning engagement through multi-media hosting’ type=’text/javascript’>