Our E-Learning training ensures that your content and message is delivered to learners in the most effective way – by using text, video, audio, animation and interaction to build the learner’s knowledge, making the course relevant, interesting and enjoyable. We integrate quizzes, games and knowledge checks to make sure that what is communicated is absorbed.

E-Learning is defined as instruction delivered on a computer via internet or CD-ROM (Clark & Mayer, 2007).

We develop E-Learning courses collaboratively, with you. With access to a subject matter expert (SME), we will run a kick-off workshop to get a complete understanding of what you need and for us to discuss how we’re going to meet those needs.

We develop your content into an E-Learning course using ‘rapid authoring’ techniques and tools, designed to build the modules quickly and efficiently, giving time for important feedback and iteration. We are also able to scale the modules according to the business need; for example we can break complex topics into smaller more manageable pieces cost efficiently and quickly or develop the entire course in flash – which can add a richness and high quality finish to the module. We don’t dictate what you should do, we work with you and our training designers advise on the most appropriate method to suit your needs, taking into account time and cost, levels of interactivity, audience etc. We are very clear that it’s your course and that you need to be comfortable and happy with the outcome.

We have experience in delivering a range of different subjects via E-Learning. Our skills lie in being able to use the information you provide and to create an accessible course which consolidates all of the information and presents it to the learner in manageable chunks, as well as designing content which is engaging and creates a positive experience for the learner. We can even host and report on your E-learning for you.

E-Learning is a scalable and flexible tool which can be deployed quickly and easily to thousands of users anywhere in the world. It is also highly measurable, so you know precisely who has accessed the training, when they accessed it and how they performed.

The benefits of E-learning are numerous. It is very cost effective, easily upgradeable, scalable, measurable, and repeatable – in fact increasingly more and more companies are turning to E-learning as a cost effective way to compliment or even replace more traditional forms of training.